The Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

compressed air in movies infographic

Eight of the best movie moments compressed air gets your blood pressure up with laughter or fear with our pulse-o-meter rating

Iron Man 3

Tony stark’s cute kid sidekick has an air powered potato gun. Tony builds him a newer and better one to thank him for his help.

Laughter Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 64 Beats per Minute

Bad Neighbors

The hilarious moment when the frat boys next door plant an airbag in Seth Rogen’s office chair shooting him into the ceiling.

Laughter Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 72 Beats per Minute


The golden moment when bruce dern’s grown up sons take the law into their own hands by stealing back their father’s air compressor.

Laughter Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 87 Beats per Minute


The robot voiced by William H. Macy that learns to be lethal with a deadly compressed air powered weapon that looks like a bit like a nerf gun.

Fear Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 110 Beats per Minute

Live and Let Die

James Bond forces Kananga to swallow a compressed air pellet used in shark guns, causing his body to inflate and explode.

Fear Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 123 Beats per Minute

No Country For Old Men

A deadly hitman uses a compressed air captive bolt pistol to kill the driver of a car he steals.

Fear Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 156 Beats per Minute

10 Cloverfield Lane

Imprisoned by the unstable John Goodman our heroine uses a can of compressed air to break a lock on her way to a terrifying freedom.

Fear Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 164 Beats per Minute


The heart pounding moment when Brody turns jaws into sushi by shooting the oxygen tank and blowing him up.

Fear Blood Pressure Pulse-o-Meter: 172 Beats per Minute

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