Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Review

The Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor is a great tool for travellers and occasional at-home use. It is extremely compact, weighs only five pounds, and can be powered by your car battery in a pinch! Why is it recommended for such specific use and manufactured to be so small and lightweight? The primary use of this unit is inflation.

This unit features a handle for easy carrying, as well as a carrying bag for storage of the compressor and its accessories. The unit is also equipped with a flashlight for emergency breakdowns at night. The digital gauge helps the user to avoid over-inflation, and the automatic shut off kicks in at 90 PSI.


  • 5 pounds
  • 11.8 x 4.3 x 6.7 inches
  • No tank
  • Electric powered – 12 volts
  • Wattage: 120.00
  • LED flashlight
  • AC Cable Length: 5’ 10.8” (1.8m)
  • DC Cable Length: 10’ 9.9” (3.3m)
  • Hose length: 23.6” (60cm)

What it’s Good For

As stated, the intended use of this product is for inflation. The manufacturer makes it difficult for it to be used for much else – the hose has an inflation pin! This setup will only allow air to flow when the pin is inserted into the proper female connection found on tires and sports balls.

To power this unit, users can choose between an AC source (standard household plug) and a DC source (the power socket in your car often referred to as the “cigarette lighter”). As listed in the specifications, the AC cable length is only 1.8 meters, so it is ideal for in-home inflations and outdoor power outlets. Otherwise, you will have to run extension cords from inside your home out to your project. The DC cable is 3.3 meters, a good length to ensure you can reach your tires or other inflatables outside of the car. If the DC cable were much shorter, it would be of significant concern, as the provided hose is only 60 cm long, and not easily replaced.

The Pros and Cons

It is clear that this product certain has a number of “cons”. The short hose, limited capability as solely an inflator, and a max PSI of 90, this unit is definitely for home/travel use only, with travel including standard-sized tires and bike tires. The DC power cord is not detachable. While it can definitely be a pain to wrap and store this cord inside the unit, the fact that it is not detachable means that you won’t have to worry about where it is. No matter where you need to use this machine while traveling, you can rest assured that the appropriate power cord is in the carrying case, not accidentally left at home.

Pros for this unit definitely include the digital gauge and flashlight, as well as, obviously, the ability to power it from multiple sources. Another good feature are the preset options for set-and-forget inflation. Need to inflate a tire to a given PSI without over-inflating? Hook the unit up and set the desired number on the digital gauge. The pump will automatically shut off once that PSI is reached – a much more efficient way to ensure your tires are filled properly without risking damage from over inflation.


Overall, this compressor is great for inflation. You will have to make some alterations to the components to get any other use out of it. But for what it is meant to do, it is excellent. This unit comes with some great features that will meet your inflation needs in many of the typical at-home or on-the-go situations.


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