Campbell Hausfeld 3-Gallon Air Compressor Review

This Campbell Hausfeld hotdog model could be your solution to some of your at-home projects. It is best suited for inflation (tires, balls, mattresses) and DIY tasks such as cleaning, airbrushing, and light upholstery. This lightweight, compact, and electric-powered air compressor is perfect for hobbyists and anyone looking to complete small tasks on a small budget.

This unit is oil-free and has a maximum PSI of 110, so constant use and large projects are not recommended. The model features two pressure gauges, two male plugs, and one quick connect. It also comes with a 10-piece accessory kit which includes a coiled hose, tire chuck, a blow off gun, all the necessary fittings to use these small tools, and inflation pin attachments for the included hose.


  • 20.5 pounds
  • 15.7 x 7.9 x 19.6 inches
  • Electric-powered
  • 120 volts
  • 0.36 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • 0.33 HP
  • 93 dBA
  • 3-gallon tank
  • Comes with 10-piece accessory kit

What it’s Good For

With a CFM below 1.0 at both 90 PSI and 40 PSI, this model is only strong enough to power a few types of tools: brad nailers and small airbrushes, mainly. Even with a maximum PSI of 110, which could power some slightly larger tools, the CFM itself is too low for those kinds of tools, so this unit is not good for a wide variety of uses. It seems that the contents of the accessory kit provide the user with most of the tools that they would be able to use with this model, so if you are looking for something for more than inflation and very light tool use, this model is not for you.

The Pros and Cons

It is clear what the shortcomings of this model are. The CFM is too low to power anything other than the accessories provided and possibly a brad nailer. The noise level is 93 dBA, making it the loudest compressor we have reviewed, even though it is small and less powerful in relation to similar products. Compared to some products that are larger but have a much lower noise output (some as low as 60 dBA), this unit would likely be too loud for use inside the home. At only 0.33 HP, the oil-less pump is significantly weaker than many other compressors of this size.

It is harder to identify the advantages of this model. It does come with a hose as part of the accessory kit, which is something that other products do not include. With the hose, this compressor can be used upon setup. The accessory kit in general is a plus, but as previously stated, the uses are limited, and not all of these accessories are tools – other than the tire chuck and blow off gun, the kit is full of adaptors, fittings, and tape. Having a compressor of this size specifically for inflation is definitely good for anyone who regularly needs to inflate tires or sports balls at a variety of locations (like for off-road vehicles and at sporting events), but there are better products specialized for inflation.


Overall, this unit would only be good for limited at-home use, but the noise output of 93 dBA makes even personal use difficult. Although this product would come ready-to-use with a hose and accessories, you may be hesitant to use it in residential neighborhoods, both indoors and outdoors. If the noise level is not a concern for you, and you really will only need a compressor for inflation purposes, this is a well-priced option. The unit is lightweight and compact, so it can be easily transported, making it ill-suited for a variety of tasks, but well-suited for use on the go.

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